Follow these tips to lose some good weight in super quick time !


It doesn’t matter if you are following a weight-loss food plan suggested by your doctor or gym instructor. Instead, all you need to do is simply bring the right nutrition on your platter.

Speaking of nutrition, hardly few know well about the daily nutritional requirements of our body. Mohsen Motamedian, who has put himself right up there in the list of most renowned doctors, emphasizes the need of including the following macronutrients in our diet to trigger the weight loss process.

  1. Carbohydrates

Many people take carbohydrates as an enemy in their weight loss food plans. Still, this nutrient got its own role to play in your weight loss goals. Carbohydrates come as the main source of energy for your body to function properly throughout the day.

Still, choosing the healthiest carbs for your weight loss food plan is the key. Unhealthy carbs like Bread, biscuit, potato, white rice, and wheat flour come with a lot of sugar. This is where you must avoid them in your weight loss food plan.

According to Mohsen Motamedian, you must opt for healthy complex carbs instead which are rich in fiber and other nutrients compared to simple carbs. These may include food items like Brown rice, sweet potato, millets, oats, and ragi. All of these complex carbs are slow to digest and cut your hunger for long. This, in turn, will make you achieve your weight loss goals, quite successfully.


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  1. Proteins

Now here comes the best bet for your weight loss food plan! Proteins are required to build the muscles, tissues, cartilage, and skin within the human body. This is where it must be a part of your best weight loss food plan at any given time.

Talking about the main food items which are rich in Proteins, Mohsen Motamedian USA lists Chicken, eggs, pulses, soy, cheese, and sprouts. All of these food items will help you in building the body muscles, whilst burning the extra calories in the process.

  1. Fats

Fats have a bad reputation amongst all those people, who are looking for the best weight loss food plan. This is quite untrue as fats are essential for the human body to synthesize hormones, provide energy and storage of vitamins.

Max Motamedian Export suggests that a balanced weight loss food plan must include 20% of healthy fats.If we look into the healthy sources of fats, we must include olive oil, soy oil, nuts, sunflower oil and limited portions of desi ghee. Talking about the fats, we must avoid the other aspect ( known as trans fats) which is present in fried food items generally.

  1. Vitamins and Minerals

You can’t really exclude Vitamins and minerals whilst talking about the best weight loss food plan. These are quite essential for the human body as they support nerve and muscle function, metabolism, cell production, and bone maintenance. Whilst plants, meat, and fish can be quoted as the primary sources, you can also find them in nuts, fruits, and green leafy veggies. Being on the best weight loss food plan, you must consume 100 gms of fruits and fresh veggies on a daily basis.

By now, we have got an understanding of “what to include” in our weight loss food plan. But there are certain habits which must be a part of our daily routine for us to stay healthy. While the best weight loss food plan will take care of our body, these habits will act perfectly like icing on the cake.


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Handy tips to speed up your weight loss regimen

Go for 5-6 meals a day: Get beyond that traditional “ 3 meals a day” trend and step into a “5-6 meals a day” habit for better results out of your weight loss food plan. This will make you avoid issues like overeating, acidity, bloating and offer some good time for your food to be digested. In turn, your body will be left with lesser unused calories which will stop the production of fats.

An early dinner: Doesn’t matter what routine you follow, make a habit to have an early dinner daily. The metabolism process of the body slows down at night, so having a late dinner can make you gain some unwanted weight. Plan it accordingly and have your dinner by 8 pm max.

Water, water, and some more water: You want to lose weight with the best weight loss food plan? Drink as much water as you can on a daily basis. Experts say that having 6-8 glasses of water daily makes you feel filled. Thus, you will have fewer calories via your meals and ultimately lose weight. Also, your body is 70% water so no questions why it must be a part of your diet on a daily basis.

Have lots of fibers: Fibers help in the proper digestion of food and you must consume 15gm daily in your weight loss food plan. Apart from the digestion process, it helps in improving your heart health. Talking about the sources; you can find it best in Apples, oats, broccoli, lentils, and flax seeds.

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